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Please patronize our sponsors. Your patronization of our sponsors helps keep this project alive. Please mention The Computer Technology Documentation Project when initializing contact with our sponsors. Thank you. Web Hosting Services

Downtownhost web hosting services is generously supporting this project. Downtownhost is a superior web hosting service with the following characteristics:

  • Several low priced packages.
  • The best FTP server access that I have used on the Internet.
  • Server side script capability including support for PHP and Perl.
  • Ability to set up SQL databases.
  • Ability to create subdomains.

Downtownhost is excellent and better than all other web hosting services that I know about. They have excellent performance and are honest. They charge reasonable fees that are not designed just to get a customer started with them.

Downtownhost offers services at prices that can cover their cost so they don't need to "invent an excuse to kick a customer out just because they are using all" that they are paying for in their particular package. They cover their customers with consistancy of pricing and service.

This is what customers say about Downtownhost's reliable web site hosting service:

  • This is by far the best service I have worked with for reselling websites to my clients. The Support is excellent!!!!
  • The support is great, and the setup time was less than 1 hour!! I really recomend them.
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