Technology and Software Information

Nik Makris (Rate)

Provides networking information along with web design services, and online development journal and additional project information.

Web Developer's Virtual Library (Rate)

Web Developer's Virtual Library includes information on a vast array of programming including Perl, HTML, XML, CSS, Java, JavaScript and more.

InformIT (Rate)

Provides IT solutions and information with industry news and much more information. Their website contains a library of books and information in various technical areas that is available to members. Membership is free.

Heal Your Church Website (Rate)

Designed to aid webmasters of church websites. It, as stated on the site is "an interesting, eclectic mix of webmaster trivia and church specific stuff", contains articles about spam, site design, networking, program installation and more.

Sunshine Coast Home Computer User Guide (Rate)

This site has been created for the "new computer users and is filled with basic computer help! (things that a lot of people may take for granted)."

Developers (Rate)

Documentation mainly about Microsoft technologies in ASP, SQL, VB, and XML.

RAD Data Communications Tutorials (Rate)

Contains tutorials written by students.

Whatis (Rate)

An encyclopedia style website with definitions of many technical terms.

International Technology Publishing (Rate)

A technical support web site with many short tutorials on various technical subjects.

Open Source Development Network (Rate)

Their website states "OSDN is the No. 1 network for delivering people who look for technology news online, and the No. 1 network for delivering visitors who have shopped for or purchased software online in the past 6 months, based on composition".

RAD Data Communications (Rate)

Their website states that "RAD Data Communications stands out as a stable and dependable source of communications solutions".

DevX (Rate)

The leading online information service for Visual Basic, Java, C++, Enterprise and Internet.


Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security web links hot list. This group, sponsored by Purdue University is mainly concerned with computer security and offers an excellent hotlist of technology related websites.

The Community Connector (Rate)

This website is provided by the University of Michigan and contains many excellent links to technical and nontechnical websites for education and community purposes.

Compufinity Computer Systems (Rate)

Computer training, Internet training, web site design, hosting, repairs, networking, free help files and tutorials, free webmaster tools and links to downloads for quality free software programs. (Rate)

This site is a parent site to many sub sites with various technical information in many categories.

TechRepublic - The IT Community Hub (Rate)

This is a good overall site for IT professionals. It contains many useful articles about all areas of technology from operating systems such as Windows and Linux to programming methods and business concerns in technical areas.

Methodology - Methods, Tools, and Techniques (Rate)

An excellent website for programmers. Their website states " is a comprehensive site which provides Information Technology developers and programmers with a vast amount of methodology resources, documents, and tools."

Programming Resources from (Rate)

A complete set of programming resources and links including Perl and many other programming languages.

Programming Information from Tutorials (Rate)

Includes many programming tutorials and other programming information for various languages.